Protego’s serverless security technology provides unmatched visibility, security, and control over serverless applications from development to runtime.

Minimizes Serverless Attack Surface

Continuously scan your infrastructure and ensure least privileged rights for serverless resources

Detects Attacks & Provides Dynamic Protection

Deep learning algorithms build a model of normal function behavior to detect threats as they initiate and propagate

Provides Serverless Security Guardrails for CI/CD

Define the level of risk and “shift-left” by building your security posture into the CI/CD pipeline

Serverless Platforms

AWS Lambda Security
Google Cloud

The Severless Smarts Podcast

Join industry experts as they discuss all things serverless including industry news and best practice tips.

Serverless Smarts Podcast

Serverless Security Blog

7 November 2019

Protego Labs Launches Award-Winning Serverless Security Solution in AWS Marketplace

Serverless Security AWS Marketplace
4 November 2019

Serverless Security Risks

When adopting a serverless application paradigm, organizations need to embrace a new view on serverless security and the […]
28 October 2019

What Is Cloud Native Security

cloud native security
22 October 2019

Inside the Capital One Breach, and How to Block It

Capital One Breach
The Capital One data breach has been big news and for good reason. The exposure of over 100 […]

How To Secure Serverless

AWS Lambda Security Best Practices

Protego wrote the book- find out how security conscious companies are creating even greater security for their AWS Lambda applications

AWS Lambda Best Practices

Frost & Sullivan’s Global New Product Innovation Award for Serverless Security

Protego among industry leaders Slack, Zoom, & Intel, to receive the Frost & Sullivan 2018 Global New Product Innovation Award for 2018

Official OWASP Serverless Security Top 10

Protego Spearheads Launch of the OWASP Official Serverless Top 10 Project

Report to Educate Application Security Practitioners on Serverless Application Risks and Mitigation Techniques

Serverless Events

Serverless Berlin MeetUp


Oct. 16th, 6:30pm CEST

Boston AppSec Conf.


Oct. 19th, 10am EST



Oct. 22nd, 6:30pm CST

Blackhat Europe 2019


Dec. 2nd-5th

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