Protego’s serverless security technology leverages the new opportunities provided by serverless, helping you achieve control over your apps.

Official OWASP Serverless Top 10

Protego Spearheads Launch of the OWASP Official Serverless Top 10 Project

Report to Educate Application Security Practitioners on Serverless Application Risks and Mitigation Techniques

Proact Minimizes Serverless Attack Surface

Continuously scan your infrastructure and ensure least privileged rights for serverless resources

Observe Detects Attacks & Provides Application Visibility

Deep learning algorithms build a model of normal function behavior to detect threats as they initiate and propagate

Defend Provides Elastic Serverless Security

Prevents and mitigates attacks in real time while applying the minimum effective dose of protection, avoiding performance impact

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Serverless: A Boon for Security… If [& Only If] Done Correctly

There are benefits to serverless architectures which make them inherently more secure. However, there are also new risks that need to be mitigated. Read the eBook now to learn how to prevent the majority of attacks with proper security posture, and more.

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