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Serverless technologies have changed the way developers bring their applications to market–creating greater velocity and even greater efficiency as it pertains to infrastructure management. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a comprehensive serverless solution with AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate. However, in order to maximize your security and compliance posture, it is not only critical to develop a close partnership and understanding between the Dev/Sec/Ops teams, but to also created an additional layer of serverless security for heightened visibility and protection.

AWS Lambda allows developers to quick run and scale code for any type of application or backend service; with no provisioning or server management. This allows developers to quickly launch new applications without creating greater infrastructure management and overhead burdens. To get the most out of AWS Lambda deployments, it is important to create an additional layer of security to protect the code itself–one that won’t delay launch, or impact the speed and agility serverless provides. Read more on securing AWS Lambda functions.

AWS Fargate allows developers to run containers without the added need to manage servers or clusters. This means developers no longer have to provision, configure, or scales clusters of virtual machines, and can instead focus on designing and building applications without the infrastructure management overhead. Security posture continues to be important, and it is critical to establish a seamless layer of security into the AWS Fargate deployment that offers additional layers of protection. Find out how simple it for securing AWS Fargate.

Amazon Web Services Security Best Practices Checklist

  1. Map your Amazon Web Services applications to get a complete picture and understand your potential risks
  2. Keep using your WAF and API Gateway for securing these environments
  3. Craft suitable, minimal permission roles for each function and container using Amazon Web Services
  4. Make function timeouts as short as possible to reduce the likelihood of an attack to your applications
  5. Optimize your security posture in tandem with the development process with Amazon Web Services for seamless integration and a secure launch
  6. Secure application dependencies. Regardless of what Amazon Web Service infrastructure you are using (AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, etc.), leveraging third party application codes does introduce an additional layer of risk. It is important to continuously analyze the codes introduced into your application to ensure they do not gain access to your environment. The more you can automate the code analysis the greater your chances of preventing an attack.
  7. Train developers and conduct regular code reviews to ensure the development and security teams are working closely in partnership in an efficient manner
  8. Leverage tools to automate serverless security- time is our most valuable resource. By automating security analysis and defense you can move on to new projects creating even greater efficiency, which is the whole point of moving to Amazon Web Services for serverless.
AWS Lambda Best Practices

Read the book on securing AWS Lambda

Serverless deployments create efficiency, flexibility, freedom for developers. Help security partners in your organization experience the same by reading and sharing this ebook that covers these simple guidelines:

  • A checklist of best practices for maximizing the security of AWS Lambda apps
  • Tactics unique to serverless
  • How to wrap security tightly with least privilege

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Protego Serverless Security Solutions for Amazon Web Services

The Protego Serverless Security Platform automates application security from development to runtime.

  • Integrates into existing CI/CD processes to save developers & DevSecOps time by automating application hardening
  • Analyzes tasks and function code, detects configuration risks, and automatically generates least-privilege permissions
  • Continually scans tasks and functions for known vulnerabilities and embedded injections to protect applications from attacks
  • Seamless runtime application security . Utilizing deep learning algorithms, Protego builds a model of normal application and function behavior, including automatic creation of a white list of actions on a resource level
  • Realtime detection and alerts to stop application layer attacks

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Automated to provide a continuous serverless security posture, dynamic serverless intelligence, and elastic defense, Protego’s solution for AWS Lambda security and AWS Fargate security can help you stay in control. Don’t delay, your free trial starts here.

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