12 August 2019

9 Serverless Security Best Practices

In some ways, serverless application architectures improve security. However, threats to your apps will persist. They just won’t look and act the same way. In this blog, we’ll outline 9 serverless security best practices you need to adopt as part of this paradigm shift.
7 July 2019

AWS Lambda Security Best Practices

Moving to serverless, including AWS Lambda, makes security both easier and harder, as I outlined in our Serverless […]
5 February 2019

Serverless Computing Security Risks & Challenges

Serverless architectures speed time to market
Serverless Architecture = What Cloud Should Be Serverless enables you to shift even more infrastructure management responsibilities to […]
18 December 2018


2018 was a transformational year for serverless and cloud native applications. I do believe that this is the […]
29 November 2018

For Cloud Native, Application Security Starts with Identity Management

This article by Protego Labs CTO and co-founder Hillel Solow was originally published in The New Stack. I had […]
29 November 2018

Layers and Runtimes @ Protego

Background Protego is the provider of a comprehensive security solution for cloud native and serverless applications, providing enhanced […]
16 October 2018

Here Come the Serverless Botnets

Serverless computing continues to grow as cloud consumers expand their use of technologies like AWS Lambda and Google […]
11 July 2018

Spending Developers on Security

This two-part article by Protego Labs CTO and co-founder Hillel Solow was originally published in DEVOPSdigest. Securing cloud […]
26 June 2018

Securing Serverless Apps: 3 Critical Tasks in 3 Days

This article by Protego Labs CTO and co-founder Hillel Solow was originally published in Dark Reading. Serverless workloads in […]