20 November 2019

7 of the Best Benefits of AWS Lambda for Your Cloud Computing System

Benefits of AWS
All modern businesses with web-based applications run their applications on the cloud, but you already know this. The […]
14 November 2019

Is Cloud Computing Secure? 7 FAQs About Cloud Security Answered (2020)

Is Cloud Computing Secure
Whether 10 years ago or just last week, companies continue to ponder, “is cloud computing secure?” The truth […]
7 November 2019

Protego Labs Launches Award-Winning Serverless Security Solution in AWS Marketplace

Serverless Security AWS Marketplace
4 November 2019

Serverless Security Risks

When adopting a serverless application paradigm, organizations need to embrace a new view on serverless security and the […]
1 November 2019

State of Serverless and Security

State of Serverless Survey
Trends in Serverless Adoption Serverless adoption has been increasing drastically over the past 18 months- outpacing other cloud […]
30 October 2019

Cloud Native Application Security – What You Need To Know

Cloud Native Security
IBM lists the benefits of cloud computing as flexibility, efficiency, and strategic value. This sounds great, right? Well, […]
22 October 2019

Inside the Capital One Breach, and How to Block It

Capital One Breach
The Capital One data breach has been big news and for good reason. The exposure of over 100 […]
16 October 2019

PODCAST: Multi Cloud Strategy ft. Jeremy Daly – The Serverless Smarts Podcast

Serverless Smarts Podcast
The Multi Cloud Strategy Debate Think you can benefit from all worlds when going multi cloud? Can’t decide […]
16 October 2019

Serverless Framework Risks: 7 Common Security Threats to Look Out For

serverless framework
According to a study by Gartner, 2019 will be the year of the cloud. The study estimates that global […]