14 October 2019

PODCAST: The Serverless Smarts Podcast, Ft. Jeremy Daly. Stateful FaaS & the Future of IAM

Serverless Smarts Podcast
14 October 2019

Protego Labs Named Gold Winner for Business Products Startup of the Year and Bronze Winner for Technology Software Startup of the Year by CEO World Awards

1 October 2019

PCI DSS and Serverless Demystified

PCI Compliance
While PCI DSS isn’t new, how those requirements are applied in serverless deployments, is. For instance, if you […]
16 September 2019

How Are Serverless Applications Attacked?

How Are Serverless Applications Attacked
Serverless frameworks have become the next big thing in application development, allowing companies to release new features and […]
12 September 2019

PODCAST: The Serverless Smarts Podcast, Ft. Erez Berkner. Visibility and Serverless Security

Serverless Smarts Podcast
11 September 2019

Simple Voice-Command SQL Injection Hack into Alexa Application

Voice-Command SQL Injection
6 September 2019

How To Handle HIPAA Compliance with Serverless Security

HIPAA Compliance with Serverless Security
19 August 2019

Tal Melamed to Present the “Full Steam Ahead: Serverless Hacking 101” at DerbyCon

Serverless architecture presents new security challenges. Some are equivalent to traditional application development, but others take on a […]
19 August 2019

Protego Labs Exhibits at AWS Summit Toronto

AWS Summit Toronto