10 July 2019

Protego Labs Announces Enhancements with New Pipeline Integration Tool

Enhancements with New CI/CD Integration Tool
Baltimore, MD – July 10, 2019 – Protego Labs announces an enhancement to the Protego Proact and Protego Function […]
1 July 2019

Protego Labs Speaks at Serverless Nights Tel Aviv

Come Visit Protego Labs at Serverless Nights Tel Aviv Come join us for a night of networking and […]
23 June 2019

Lock-Ins vs. Cloud-Agnostic

Many organizations contemplate whether or not vendor lock-ins are right for them, or should they stay cloud-agnostic. To […]
22 June 2019

Palo Alto’s Acquisition of Twistlock and What It Means for the Serverless Market

The big news in the last few weeks from the serverless space is Palo Alto’s acquisition of two […]
21 June 2019

The Teething Problems of Node 10js Initial Runtime and What Can We Learn From It

Serverless architectures speed time to market
The Node 10 release and the retiring of the Node 6 runtime created a debate around what you […]
21 June 2019

Is Serverless Security Really Application Security or Simply New Techniques

  As cloud-native services gain popularity, an inevitable debate around the security of such applications grows bigger. One […]
18 June 2019

Protego Labs Releases New Feature for Zero-Day Defense

Keeping up with new threats to serverless and cloud native applications is a minute-by-minute task. Although serverless applications […]
27 May 2019

Serverless Bootcamp: Summer Series

We can’t think of a better way to kick-off summer than spending time with serverless experts and DevSecOps […]
25 April 2019

Serverless Boston @AWS Meetup

Come join us for a night of networking and learning on June 13th from 6:00-8:00 pm in Boston. […]