16 October 2018

Here Come the Serverless Botnets

Serverless computing continues to grow as cloud consumers expand their use of technologies like AWS Lambda and Google […]
7 October 2018

A Deep Dive into Serverless Attacks, SLS-1: Event Injection

The OWASP Serverless top 10 project was just launched. It aims at educating practitioners and organizations about the […]
6 September 2018

The Serverless Show: Is It Right for Startups? & More

Watch the video below or listen to the audio on SoundCloud. You can also meet Tal at several […]
3 August 2018

The Serverless Show, Ft. Yan Cui. Do We Ever Learn?

Hillel and Tal from Protego were joined by a guest Hillel referred to as, “The Mick Jagger of […]
27 July 2018

Your Security Just Might Kill Your Serverless

This article by Protego Labs CTO and co-founder Hillel Solow was originally published in The New Stack. Let […]
26 July 2018

Go Serverless, not Flagless: Implementing Feature Flags in Serverless Environments

We’re pleased to share this guest blog by Mike Atkins, Software Engineer at LaunchDarkly. A Demonstration of LaunchDarkly Feature […]
24 July 2018

Serverless + Blockchain = Buzzword Math?

We’re pleased to share this post from guest blogger Chris Ensey, COO of Riot Blockchain. I recently appeared […]
20 July 2018

Is AWS Lambda the Most Secure Application Platform? Probably.

We talk a lot about the need for a different security paradigm for serverless, and it’s easy for […]
17 July 2018

The Serverless Show: Serverless + Blockchain, The Comprehension Divide, Role of DevOps

For this Serverless Podcast, Hillel was joined by Shali Mor, Vice President, R&D and Co-founder of Protego. Watch […]