4 April 2019

Who’s on your Starting Lineup?

It’s a new season, everyone is full of hope and optimism that this will be their year- that […]
8 March 2019

A Deep Dive into Serverless Attacks, SLS-4: XML External Entity (XXE) Attacks

A Deep Dive into Serverless Attacks
Let me first apologize for the long absence. However, I haven’t been idle. I’ve been working hard to […]
21 February 2019

Cloud Native Security: What it Means

Cloud Native Security: What it Means
Cloud-native applications are applications that have been built purposely to be deployed and operated in a cloud environment. […]
5 February 2019

Serverless Computing Security Risks & Challenges

Serverless architectures speed time to market
Serverless Architecture = What Cloud Should Be Serverless enables you to shift even more infrastructure management responsibilities to […]
31 January 2019

Top 7 Takeaways from our 2018 Serverless Shows

What to just stop worrying about already, and what to start worrying about more Protego Labs has been […]
18 January 2019

The Serverless Show: The Importance of Open Source & Community Involvement

For this episode of The Serverless Show, Tal was in the office with Hillel in Jerusalem, and they […]
8 January 2019

Level Up on Security with the New Damn Vulnerable Serverless App

Welcome to 2019. The year we will all understand that serverless is not a fleeting trend, but is […]
18 December 2018


2018 was a transformational year for serverless and cloud native applications. I do believe that this is the […]
6 December 2018

The Serverless Show: re:Invent Recap

For this episode, Hillel from Protego was joined by Forrest Brazeal, a senior cloud architect at Trek10 and […]