1 October 2019

PCI DSS and Serverless Demystified

PCI Compliance
While PCI DSS isn’t new, how those requirements are applied in serverless deployments, is. For instance, if you […]
23 September 2019

6 Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong Securing Serverless Apps

Serverless Security Mistake
Do you ever have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, worrying that you’ve forgotten something? […]
11 September 2019

Simple Voice-Command SQL Injection Hack into Alexa Application

Voice-Command SQL Injection
6 September 2019

How To Handle HIPAA Compliance with Serverless Security

HIPAA Compliance with Serverless Security
3 September 2019

Least Privilege for AWS Lambda Security

4 reasons least privilege, while fundamental to security, is rarely achieved. And serverless apps create new challenges with an almost endless set of opportunities to get permissions configured incorrectly. Fortunately, our CTO has good news.
14 August 2019

Protego Serverless Security Announces Integration with Splunk and Slack

Splunk and Slack Integration
12 August 2019

9 Serverless Security Best Practices

In some ways, serverless application architectures improve security. However, threats to your apps will persist. They just won’t look and act the same way. In this blog, we’ll outline 9 serverless security best practices you need to adopt as part of this paradigm shift.
7 August 2019

Serverless Computing Services Security Quick Guide

serverless security
Shared Responsibility Model We have heard the benefits of why companies are moving to serverless– zero administration, automatic […]
25 July 2019

Critical Risks for Serverless Applications

When adopting a serverless application paradigm, organizations need to embrace a new view on securing serverless applications, the […]