18 November 2019

Developers Owning Security – A Protego Use Case

developers owning security
Companies choose to transition to serverless computing for various reasons, mainly being faster time-to-market and reduced infrastructure costs. […]
14 November 2019

Is Cloud Computing Secure? 7 FAQs About Cloud Security Answered (2020)

Is Cloud Computing Secure
Whether 10 years ago or just last week, companies continue to ponder, “is cloud computing secure?” The truth […]
1 November 2019

State of Serverless and Security

State of Serverless Survey
Trends in Serverless Adoption Serverless adoption has been increasing drastically over the past 18 months- outpacing other cloud […]
30 October 2019

Cloud Native Application Security – What You Need To Know

Cloud Native Security
IBM lists the benefits of cloud computing as flexibility, efficiency, and strategic value. This sounds great, right? Well, […]
16 September 2019

How Are Serverless Applications Attacked?

How Are Serverless Applications Attacked
Serverless frameworks have become the next big thing in application development, allowing companies to release new features and […]
31 January 2019

Top 7 Takeaways from our 2018 Serverless Shows

What to just stop worrying about already, and what to start worrying about more Protego Labs has been […]
18 October 2018

PODCAST: AWS iRobot & Making it Someone Else’s Problem

iRobot Serverless
For this episode, Hillel and Tal from Protego were joined by Ben Kehoe, a cloud robotics research scientist […]
13 June 2018

PODCAST: The Serverless Show, featuring Wayne Scarano from SGA

We’re pleased to share our first podcast, “The Serverless Show.” In addition to the below summarized article and […]