Tsion (TJ) Gonen, CEO and Co-Founder

Prior to co-founding Protego, Tsion served as Chief Strategy Officer for Gemalto’s Identity and Data Protection Division, where he was responsible for developing global business and product strategies, and identifying and capitalizing on emerging market trends within the information security market. Prior to assuming his role as Chief Strategy Officer, he oversaw SafeNet’s (acquired by Gemalto in 2014) Data Protection product portfolio strategy and execution. Tsion joined the company in April 2009 from Aladdin Knowledge Systems, where he led the company’s global sales and marketing efforts. Prior to that role, he led Aladdin’s Content Security business unit.

Hillel Solow, CTO and Co-Founder

Hillel is passionate about security innovation, and is driving product innovation and security at Protego. Prior to co-founding Protego, he was CTO in Cisco’s IoT Security Group, where he worked on innovative security solutions for new technology markets.

Shali Mor, Vice President, R&D and Co-Founder

Shali Mor is a seasoned R&D manager with more than 15 years of engineering management experience. Shali is a driven, hands-on manager who is passionate about technology. Prior to co-founding Protego, Shali worked at Cisco, where he led several development teams, focusing on cloud-based security solutions.

Itay Harush, Director of Engineering and Co-Founder

Itay is a hands-on software engineer and team leader, with a proven ability to develop high-performance applications and technical innovations. Prior to co-founding Protego, Itay was a team leader at Cisco, leading development of cloud-based video security solutions.

Benny Zemmour, Director of Engineering and Co-founder

Benny is an experienced developer and team leader, with expertise in front-end development, data manipulation, visualization, and security. Prior to co-founding Protego, Benny was a tech leader in Cisco.

Tal Melamed, Head of Security Research

Tal has 15 years’ experience in the information security field, specializing in security research and vulnerability assessment. Prior to being the Head of Security Research at Protego, Tal was a tech leader at AppSec Labs, leading and executing a variety of security projects for serverless, IoT, mobile, web, and client applications, as well as working for leading security organizations, such as Synack, CheckPoint, and RSA.

Tal is also a keen speaker; training DevOps and hackers around the world, as well as lecturing at major security conferences; and a neat developer, experimenting daily with offensive and defensive security.

Trisha Paine, Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships

Trisha has 20 years’ experience in marketing with more than half that in the information security field, specializing in data encryption, identity and access management, key management, and application security. Prior to joining Protego as the Vice President of Marketing, Trisha was the CMO at a leading healthcare technology company, and the Vice President of Marketing of Gemalto’s Data Protection Business.