The First Comprehensive Serverless Security Platform Built For The Speed Of Serverless

Protego Labs delivers full lifecycle security to serverless applications from deployment to runtime. The Protego SaaS solution is the first comprehensive application security platform built with the unique constraints and opportunities of serverless platforms such as google cloud functions security and aws lambda security in mind. The SaaS serverless security solution lets you get a handle on your growing serverless platform in less than 20 min.

Application Security Visibility and Risk Assessment In Serverless Platforms

Protego Asses continuously scans your serverless infrastructure, including functions and databases, and helps you increase your security posture. Striving for least privilege and optimal security policy, Protego scans functions, logs, and databases to ensure the application maximizes protection. The platform provides clear visibility to the application’s structure, and to what changes need to be made to improve the security.

Protego Proact Provides Application Security Guardrails for CI/CD

Protego Proact lets you “shift-left” security posture into your CI/CD pipeline, and define the level of risk that will prevent application deployment. When Protego rejects a CI/CD deployment, it provides developers and DevOps engineers with clear guidance on how to remediate the detected risks. Protego also provides developers with the ability to directly check their security posture even before they deliver code into the pipeline.

Defend Provides Attack Detection and Dynamic Protection

Protego Defend implements a zero-touch application protection solution. There is an ever growing myriad of techniques for application defense, including pattern matching, whitelisting, blacklisting, and more. The challenge with serverless applications is that most techniques can only really be applied at the function level, the act of properly configuring these techniques is virtually impossible in a fast-changing cloud native environment. Defend, instead, takes advantage of all of the posture and intelligence data that is gathered in real time, using it to continuously evaluate and adapt the security protection and micro-segmentation around each resource.

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