Save Time & Achieve Continuous Serverless Security with Automatic Application Hardening

Protego Proact analyzes your serverless application code before and after deployment, achieving a continuous serverless security posture through application hardening with automation, to minimize the attack surface, and simplify governance.

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Minimize Attack Surface and Improve Security Posture with Application Hardening

Protego’s breakthrough code analysis technology detects configuration risks and automatically generates least-privilege function permissions. Protego clearly outlines recommended steps to remediate, enabling you to drive remediation of posture at scale.

  • Automatically generate least privilege IAM roles during CI/CD and runtime
  • Detect and Alert over provisioned function timeout configurations
  • Native integration with task management & reporting tools
  • Supports all common programming languages

Serverless Security Vulnerability Management

Protego scans functions for known vulnerabilities and embedded secrets ensuring your applications are not exposed to attacks.

  • Based on a constantly updated CVE sources & proprietary secret detection algorithms
  • Scans functions during CI/CD to prevent deployment of vulnerable functions
  • Continuous scanning of run time functions and alerts on new vulnerabilities present in deployed applications
The Protego serverless security solution includes code supply chain oversight and vulnerability mitigation.
Protego Function Self-Protection inspects and filters inputs, blocking attacks for serverless security at the function level in real time.

Native CI/CD Integration

Protego provides native plug-ins as well as a CLI tool that automate function scanning within CI tools for a continous security posture.

  • Native support for, Jenkins, AWS SAM, AWS CloudFormation, APEX, and others.
  • Lets developers view scanning results and suggested mitigation from within a familiar environment.
  • Allows Security and SecDevOps teams to prevent functions that violate policy from being deployed or enforce pre defined security controls, learn more.

The Need for a Serverless Security Solution with Application Hardening

Read our Serverless Security Blogs to learn more about the different serverless security landscape. While serverless is more agile, and enables faster deployment with lower costs, it’s not necessarily more secure.

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