Compile Billions of Signals into Application Visibility and Attack Detection

The Protego serverless security solution continuously scans your serverless infrastructure, code, and runtime environment, to collect and correlate hundreds of data points. With machine-based analysis and deep learning algorithms, Protego builds a model of normal function behavior to effectively detect threats, anomalies, and malicious attacks as they initiate and propagate for full application visibility and attack detection.

Actionable Serverless Security Intelligence and Forensics

Protego provides actionable intelligence and the tools to provide full visibility and root cause analysis. The Platform provides unified evidence of security events by correlating the numerous data points related to each incident, rather than overwhelming the user with a flood of singular events. All relevant and historical data can be extracted to enable security experts to conduct forensic investigations post-attack.

The Protego Serverless Security solution provides actionable intelligence and forensics.
The Protego serverless security solution provides the insight and control you need to achieve compliance.

Insight and Control to Achieve Compliance

Protego helps enterprises worldwide achieve and enforce compliance with requirements such as HIPAA, FISMA, PCI, and GDPR. The Protego Security Explorer provides the tools, such as data encryption, to help you achieve compliance by enforcing rules defined by your organization, and maintain application visibility. Learn more here.

The Need for a Serverless Security Solution and Application Visibility

Read our Serverless Security Blogs to learn more about the different serverless security landscape. While serverless is more agile, and enables faster deployment with lower costs, it’s not necessarily more secure.

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