Protego Labs Launches a No Cost Plan for its Flagship Serverless Security Solution

New Version Will Help Companies Accelerate Serverless Adoption With Security Built In

Baltimore, MD – September 26, 2018 Protego Labs today launched a free version of its serverless security solution – complete with all functionality – enabling companies to build secure applications from the get-go and saving time by automating complex tasks such as configuration of function permissions. Tiered versions of the platform are also generally available for companies growing their current serverless environments. Companies can sign up for the starter plan at

“More and more companies are looking to capitalize on the benefits of serverless computing without putting much thought into security, often because they don’t know where to begin,” said TJ Gonen, CEO and cofounder, Protego. “With the free starter plan of our solution,we are removing the security guessing game from serverless and enabling more companies to bring their serverless applications to fruition.”

Protego is offered in five tiers: LAB (free starter plan), Base, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. Each version is based on the number of functions in the application being secured and the number of invocations per month; the free starter plan offers protection for up to one million invocations, and comes with 30 days of data retention. All other versions increase the allotment of functions and invocations, and offer data retention for one year.

Protego is the first and only platform of its kind that delivers full life-cycle security to serverless applications from deployment to run-time, that can be up and running in just 20 minutes. All versions contain three core components: Proact, Observe, and Defend.

Proact Minimizes Serverless Attack Surface. Protego continuously scans your serverless infrastructure to help you increase your security posture. The Policy Manager analyzes function roles and permissions and automatically optimizes them to a least privilege policy to minimize the application’s attack surface. The Protego Posture Explorer provides a comprehensive, security-focused view of your environment, and the Code SupplyChain Tracker helps you manage the security of third-party libraries used in your code.

Observe Detects Attacks and Provides Application Visibility. Protego collects and correlates hundreds of data points by scanning your serverless infrastructure, code, and runtime environment. With machine-based analysis and deep learning algorithms, Protego builds a model of normal function behavior to effectively detect threats, anomalies, and malicious attacks as they initiate and propagate. Protego also provides actionable intelligence and the tools to provide full visibility and root cause analysis.

Defend Provides Elastic Serverless Security. To ensure that security does not hinder the performance of your serverless application, Protego identifies and prevents attacks in real time with the Minimum Effective Dose of protection. Protego Function Self-Protection inspects and filters inputs, blocking attacks at the function level but in the context of the full application flow.

Protego is backed by a group of security industry investors, including Ron Gula of Gula Tech Adventures, Glilot Capital Partners, and former RSA CTO, Tim Belcher. Earlier this year, Protego won the Startup Competition for the most innovative cyber initiative at the Cybertech Tel Aviv 2018 Conference and is currently nominated for Best Cybersecurity Startup in the Cyber Excellence Awards.

About Protego

Recognizing the inadequacy of traditional application security paradigms, Protego Labs designed the first comprehensive solution built with the unique constraints and opportunities of serverless in mind. Through continuous serverless security posture, dynamic serverless intelligence, and elastic defense, Protego helps organizations achieve control over the security of their applications. For more information, visit

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