Join Erez Berkner, CEO Lumigo, and Hillel Solow, CTO Protego on Wednesday, September 4th at 11am EST for a one-hour overview of successful serverless deployments

In this webinar, they will outline the critical elements that make-up a successful serverless deployment, including how to:

  1. Monitor and set alerts for your serverless applications
  2. Ensure your security posture is optimized
  3. Automate deployment of distributed tracing to find the root-cause for when something goes wrong

With the right foundation, teams can maximize the benefits serverless deployments provide, while ensuring the applications, and data handled within those applications, are not compromised, and all functionality works as expected.

Register today and learn best practice methods to ensure your serverless applications are running right!

Webinar: Serverless Applications Done Right

Wednesday, September 4th at 11am EST

Serverless Best Practices