The big news in the last few weeks from the serverless space is Palo Alto’s acquisition of two cloud-native and serverless security companies. This acquisition raises a question of whether or not we can expect this in other areas besides security, and will orchestration companies start getting acquired by larger players who want to own a bigger piece, or is this just a one-off? To answer these questions and more, we got Hillel Solow, CTO & Co-Founder here at Protego and Eoin Shanaghy, CTO of fourTheorem to discuss all the latest topics in cloud-native and serverless.

What Comes After The Initial Hype

The movement in the acquisition of serverless companies is happening a little bit earlier than a lot of people expected, with serverless getting adopted at a surprising rate. Eoin believes it was user-driven initially and early adopter-driven, starting with things like Lambda then AWS themselves, making other cloud providers start to push it and market it as ‘The future of software development’.  There’s definitely a higher than expected uptake in serverless technology, and the market is just reflecting that, making additional acquisitions only natural. However, the consolidation around tooling is critical, and the maturity of tooling has to develop. That is why there is so much happening in that space around security, monitoring and observability.

Serverless As A Bootcamp For Cloud-Native

Serverless is kind of a bootcamp for cloud-native in many areas besides security, which forces companies to think about how cloud applications should be written. Even if they end up writing them using containers and not functions, or other type of workload, Lambda forces them to a powerful mindset of writing business logic rather than focusing on reinventing things that exist. Hillel believes that there’s a new type of security that meets those kinds of deployments, whether they are functions or containers or even VMs, but they are built for the cloud and of the cloud.

Behind Palo Alto’s acquisition there is a need to make some early moves, which was part of their double acquisition. One can assume this will translate into other companies looking at orchestration, monitoring and tooling, and subsequently much more of these acquisitions.

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