Serverless FaaS & the Future of IAM

The Serverless Smarts Podcast Episode 1. Featuring Ryan Jones, CEO at Serverless Guru

The Serverless Smarts Podcast Episode 2. Featuring Erez Berkner, CEO at Lumigo

The Serverless Smarts Podcast Episode 2. Featuring Jeremy Daly, CTO at AlertMe and AWS Serverless Hero

Serverless Spotlights

Protego Serverless Spotlight Ran Ribenzaft

Ran Ribenzaft, CTO & Co-Founder at Epsagon says the most imortant thing to think about when developing serverless or cloud-native applications is to design them properly and to not be afraid to iterate.

Protego Serverless Spotlight Erica Windisch

Erica Windisch, CTO & Co-Founder at IOpipe has been building serverless applications since 2015 and wants to help others make their migration- starting with figuring out CI/CD quickly.

Protego Serverless Spotlight Sharath Kumar

Sharath Kumar, Solutions Engineering Lead at we45 Solutions, and self-described tech geek, says applications using CI/CD can benefift the most by migrating to serverless.

Eoin Shanaghy

Eoin Shanaghy, CTO at fourTheorem loves coffee, otherwise nothing gets done. He says cloud-native is all about event-driven applications and reducing code size through the consumpution of managed services. Serverless and FaaS are one big part of that.

Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones is the Founder of Serverless Guru and describes himself as passionate. He started working with serverless in the Nike Innovation Engineering department where he helped implement the first Serverless Framework projects which had close to 100% automation.

Erez Berkner

Erez Berkner, CEO & Co-Founder at Lumigo thinks in 5 years we will be more connected and technology oriented. He suggests talking to experienced people when making the migration to serverless, get best practices, use the right tools, and avoid the mistakes that others already made.

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