We’re pleased to welcome guest blogger Viktor Charypar for this article A Truly Serverless Web: The End of The Cloud, Engineer at digital transformation experts Red Badger. As a self-described “nerd,” Viktor’s Twitter profile states, “Talk to me about peer to peer web, distributed systems, cluster orchestration, declarative programming, cooking and tapirs.”

As requested, I emailed him with the fact that the closest relatives to tapirs are horses and rhinos. I then passed through his inbox with this gif.


Viktor was kind enough to not only grant permission for Protego to share his post, “The end of the cloud: A truly serverless web,” but also informed me that tapirs are good swimmers and can use their snouts as a snorkel.

Shifting gears, Viktor’s article about the truly serverless web begins,

“Now, ‘end of the cloud’ is a bold statement, I know, maybe it even sounds a little mad. And wasn’t serverless in the cloud? Bear with me, I’ll explain.

“The conventional wisdom about running server applications, be it web apps or mobile app backends, is the future is in the cloud. As Amazon and Google add layers of tools and make running server software more and more easy and convenient, it would seem that hosting your code in AWS, GCP or Azure is the best you can do – most convenient, cheapest, easiest to fully automate, scale elastically… I could keep going. So why on Earth am I talking about the end of it? If it ain’t broken don’t fix it, right? Well…”

Read the full article on Red Badger.

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