We’re committed to providing high quality, performance and availability solution,
with full transparency.



We are committed to high quality and process control practices. Our services are built on best-in-class technologies, and we relentlessly track down possible points of failure to improve the customer experience.

Our quality assurance procedures are well documented and can be requested by contacting us.



We’re constantly improving performance by monitoring key measures such as load times, responsiveness, and how quickly our applications are delivered from our data centers to your browser. We are putting a lot of effort into making your experience with Protego Labs great.



Every piece of data you entrust to us is automatically backed up and stored on AWS secure data centers in the relevant zone, with availability of 99.999%. Along with our high availability architecture, this keeps your data available when you need it.


Incident Response

Our engineering teams follow a consistent incident management process. We’re continuously improving our process to reduce the impact of incidents, decrease the amount of time it takes to resolve, and, most importantly, avoid the chance of repeat incidents.

If you believe you discovered a vulnerability, please visit our responsible disclosure page.

Serverless Security Blog

Read our Serverless Security Blog to learn more about the different serverless landscape and how to optimize security.