The WAF Wall is Crumbling

Whether you align with the North or the South, you have one common enemy, the Night King. The Night King is fierce and powerful. He delays production, he is able to penetrate your walls; traditional defense mechanisms will not stop him and his army. You need Dragonglass.  

The way organizations are hosting and running applications is changing. They are moving from staying within their on-prem hosted environments where they can build firewalls around their applications and infrastructures, to migrating to hosted cloud services, and now even beyond that to serverless environments for even greater flexibility and efficiency. The problem is web application firewall (WAF) forces are not enough. As you move to serverless deployments for all of the benefits, you lose your defense effectiveness if you are not securing each function that resides within the application itself. You need to ensure the code is secured, protected, and guarded like the realms of men wherever it is hosted.

We are not saying that you throw away traditional security. You need IAM, you need WAF, but you also need to wrap security around the code. Wouldn’t it be utopia if your strategy could be this simple:

  1. Add security code to your application
  2. Run code with the security layer in your application
  3. Sit back and allow the solution to protect your functions, send alerts, and block attacks

Obviously, the technology needs to be far more complex in nature, but to the user, it needs to be simple so DevSecOp armies can get to deploying applications and know that they are secure and will have uptime, without the added stress of potential attack.

Luckily, you can find this solution far easier than you can Dragonglass, it is Protego Labs. Once you add Protego to your application, there is continuous, proactive defense throughout the lifecycle of your serverless application. From the continuous scanning of your serverless infrastructure to identify potential threats and anomalies, to analyzing roles and permissions to ensure a least privilege policy is set, to managing the security of third-party libraries used in your code, to real-time attack prevention- Protego is your proactive defense, it is your Dragonglass.

Find out more about Protego Labs in this short demo.


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